Introducing a New Generation Biosecurity (Cleaning & Sanitising) Solutions, which are US EPA & EU approved, safe, effective & have an universal applications from Farm to Fork with different Areas & types of applications like...

Areas of Application:

Human hygiene purpose
Private & Public health area disinfection
Veterinary hygiene (From farm to fork)
Aquaculture Applications
Food & Feed area disinfection
As a preservative
Water sanitization
Various other industrial applications, where hygiene is required

Types of Application:

Surface disinfection
Air disinfection (Fogging)
Equipment disinfection
Water sanitization
Personnel hygiene
Animal hygiene & treatment (Foot dip, Teat dip)
Aquaculture Pond Treatment & Hygiene (Disinfection)

Click Here for Brochure: Brocide Brochure
Click Here for Brochure: Cleaning Solutions for Food Processing Industries

Click Here for Brochure: Cleaning Solutions for Animal Farms


We are also working on Biotechnological Biosecurity Solutions like, usage of Live Organisms like Bacteria, Yeast & their byproducts like Enzymes as a replacement of pesticides & other hazardous chemicals for applications in

  1. Aquaculture (For Pond Treatment as a bioremediation, Pond Bottom Treatment etc.)
  2. Agriculture (For Pest Control)
  3. Waste Water Treatment (In Food Processing Plants.)

Flagship Brands: Envocare, Envocare-Pond, Envolife etc.

For more information Please Download Envocare Aqua Solutions Brochure


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